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Stevit (pronounced as stevɪt) is my personal brand which I created in order to promote my work in the field of programming. More specifically, web development, especially server side.
Who am I? My name is Stevan Marjanović. I’m a high school student trying to make my appearance on the Internet. I would like to develop my PHP and Node.js skills, and along the way also emerge projects that would represent my contribution to the local IT community. So, Stevit is me as well as my work.
Welcome to my place!

My Skills

  •   PHP Programming
  •   Web Development
  •   Data Science
  •   Article Writing
  •   Data Analytics
  •   Public Speaking
  •   Communication

Disclaimer: Skills are not sorted by my knowledge, but by my interest.
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Contact Me

Want to get in touch with me? You can message me about pretty much anything you want. From casual messages like How are you?, over the leading technologies in the world, to the depth of the Universe — I'm open to anything you can think of and I promise I'll reply A.S.A.P. :)
No spam, per favore.